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Our big challenge for the year will see 40 people climb the highest mountains in England Scotland and Wales.


On starwars day May the 4th our teams will set off on what will be a difficult but rewarding experience.


Look out for progress reports in the next few months





We are pleased to confirm that our partnership with our friends Violet Graces Gift will continue in 2019.


The two organistaions will work together fundraising in memory of our little girls Isabella Rose Parr and Violet-Grace Youens.


Violet was tragically killed by a stolen vehicle in 2017 aged 4 and was close friends with Isabellas brother Harry at nursary. Through that freindship there has become a great bond between the two families.


Isabellas parent have been able to provide support to Violet's family and have since become close friends so a partnership between the two became a natural progression.  




At the end of 2018 our Charity fulfilled one of its dreams and main ambitions with the purchase of our own Respite Lodge – Isabella’s Lodge.


The Lodge will be provided free of charge to families who are dealing with the loss of a child.


More details will be posted on the dedicated page on this website.


In the mean time we are over the moon that we have finally been able to achieve one of our long-term goals, we are really grateful for your support and we obviously wouldn’t have been able to do this without our ongoing support – thank you!  








At the end of 2018 we made alterations to our Board of Trustees and our Charity Committee

We are pleased to confirm our Trustees are:


Mr David Pope – Chairman

Mr Geoff Parr

Mrs Rhona Westhead

Mr Paul Lyon


Our trustees are assisted by our Charity Committee

Mrs Nicola Pope

Mrs Amanda Parr

Mrs Lindsay Wall

Mr Naithan Gaskell


We believe this is a strong team consisting of not only family members but independent members who have proven to care about the work we are doing just as much as we do.

Mrs Rhona Westhead and Lindsay Wall are experienced professionals within the NHS who have the knowledge and contacts to help the charity provide the correct help to the places that need it most.

We are pleased to annouce that we have recenlty had a restructure of our Charities committee.




Registered Charity No 1166163

We are extremely pleased to announce that we are now a formally registered Charity!


This is what we have be striving to achieve since the foundation started in 2011 and we couldn’t be happier. 


This will enable us to help families who suffer a stillbirth or premature baby directly whilst we still continue to support our chosen beneficiaries Whiston Hospital Tommy's and Bliss.


This is an exciting time for all of us at our Charity and we can’t wait to share our future plans with you! 


I would like to thank everyone who has helped make this possible including our independent board of trustees:


Rhona Westhead, Paul Lyon, Carlo Amadio, Geoff Parr, David Pope and our committee members Amanda Parr and Nicola Pope.


We believe the future is bright for the Charity in fact the future is PINK!







On Sunday 6th March 2016 our team will be taking part in the St Helens 10k and 2k races.


if you would like to be part of the team pleae sign up at


Let us know when you have signed up and we will add you to our team.



For more information on team isabella please visit out dedicated web site


Surprise Surprise

This section presents comprehensive information on our regular events. Read the latest news about our organisation, both in St Helens and across the globe.

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments regarding Surprise Surprise. As you could tell I was very shocked, but there again it’s not every day that Katherine Jenkins turns up in your gym during a spin class.


As someone who doesn’t like being the center of attention you can imagine that appearing on national TV with Katherine was a little bit outside my comfort zone, but one of my favorite quotes is "outside your comfort zone is where the magic happens" and this was definitely true!


The most important thing for me is the Foundation got some nice publicity however due to the editing of the show they did cut allot out especially when I mentioned that it is a team effort and the amount of money we have raised so far has exceeded £30,000.00.


Thank you to everyone involved who arranged the surprise especially Steven Critchley and Nicola Pope, all the staff at ITV who were amazing and to Katherine who is as lovely in real life as she appears on TV. Finally I apologise for looking like an idiot when surprised I’m not normally that short of a few words.





WEDNESDAY 19.11.14 - 8PM

We have had an exciting time over the last few weeks, unfortnately we are not allowed to "spill the beans" at this moment in time (sorry to tease you all). However this will result in some great publicity for our foundation and lots of new people will learn about our Angel Isabella.


More details will be released when we can - Watch this Space!!!


We can now confirm that all will be revealed on Wednesday 19.11.14 at 8pm!!!!!

Geoffs 12 in 12

For details click on this link     12in12

Isabella Rose Ball 3

For more details click on the this link Ball No3

Grace Doodson - Sponsored Bounce

Since we started our Foundation we have been often been amazed by the
generosity, kindness and support from not only our friends and family but also
from total strangers. However I think you will all agree that this
is extra special.


Yesterday my daughter Rebecca told me about a little girl called Grace Doodson who is 8 years of age.


Grace had been watching television with her mum and decided she wanted to raise
money for charity.


She then decided she would do a sponsored bounce on her trampoline and chose to do this for our Foundation.


On Sunday she did 200 sit down bounces on her trampoline and has raised a fantastic total of £115.00.


We are humbled by the kindness and generosity of Grace, she is a very special girl with a loving heart and we all would like to thank her for doing this for

Iron Man Uk - 04.08.13

Congratulations to Mike Barkworth our latest member of Team Isabella who yesterday completed the Iron Man Uk in Bolton.


Mike has been training for nearly 12 months for his first attempt at this massive challenge and crossed the finished line after 13hours 58 minutes.


This was an amazing effort and everyone at Team Isabella is really proud of him.


To sponsor Mike please log onto



2nd Annual Isabella Rose Ball

This will take place on Saturday the 12th October 2013, please see our events page for further details.

Cold Refrigerated Cot - Whiston Hospital

We have recently been able to purchase a cold refrigerated cot for the maternity unit at Whiston Hospital.


Only those people who have suffered a stillborn baby will appreciate how important this piece of equipment actually is.


When Isabella was born the cold cot that we were provided with meant that we could spend a couple of extra days with our little girl. This would not have been possible without this cot.


Unfortunately Whiston maternity unit only have one of these cots and we were the "lucky" family who got to use it. Another family who suffered a stillborn baby at the same time as us were not so "lucky".


We were only informed of this at a later date, and when we were discussing with the maternity unit how we could help this became our number one priority.


We could not have done this without the support of our friends, family and the total strangers who have sponsored, donated and attended one of our various events. 


So thank you to each and everyone of you.


The cot is being manufactured which will take approximately 8 - 10 weeks so we will keep you informed of when it is delivered to the hospital.




The cot has been manufactured and delivered to Whiston Hospital Maternity Ward. We hope it doesnt have to be used often but the harsh facts are that with 16 babies stillborn in the uk everyday it will. We can only hope that it brings some comfort to the families who suffer the tragedy of stillbirth and that they get to spend a few extra days with their baby.

Sarah Campbell Zumbathon

Christmas is a time when families miss their loved ones even more than usual, and today we are no different.


Its our 2nd Christmas without Isabella and it doesn't get any easier, but today we have been given a lift by Sarah Campbell a truly lovely person who has just handed the foundation a cheque for £616.04.


Sarah has recently arranged and run a Zumbathon, she also made and sold bracelets and organised raffles to raise money in memory of Isabella.


This is a remarkable effort Sarah and not only are we touched by your kindness and generosity but you have given us a lift when we needed it the most.


All of us would like to thank Sarah for all her hard work and to wish her a very happy Christmas.


Sarah has since sent us a cheque from the company she works with for an additional £150.00. Thanks go to Alfred H Knight International for supporting Sarah and our foundation.


This brings the total raised by Sarah to £766.04. Thank you Sarah! 



Isabella's 1st Birthday 16th October 2012

16.10.12 is Isabella's first birthday and as you can imagine this is difficult day for us all.


However we are trying as always to be positive and have chosen today to announce the total amount of money that the foundation has raised so far in the last 12 months.


The total is  £14,272.00 !!!!


This is fantastic and we can not think of a better way to celebrate our little Angel's birthday than by donating this money to our chosen charities.


Thank you everyone for your support. There really are too many people to mention individually but you know who you are.


You have been amazing and we can not thank you enough.


Amanda, Geoff, Nicola, David and Isabella xxx 


SKY DIVE 25.08.12

An amazingly brave team of 14 people took part in a sky dive to raise money for the foundation. The day was organised by Isabella's daddy Geoff and despite some horrendous weather the whole team managed to make their jump.


They had to endure thunder, lightening and torrential rain but thankfully there was some brilliant sunshine too. Just a typical British Summers day.


We all very proud of the team who took part and first indications are that they will have raised over £3,000.00 which is fantastic news. We will keep you updated of the total amount.


There are some photos on our website but please take a look at our Facebook for even more.






Orange Shop St Helens Make Donation.

The fantastic staff at the Orange Phone Shop in St Helens have donated their sponsorship money they raised from taking part in the St Helens 10K. 


They have raised an amazing £1,010.00.


This is an unbelievable amount and we can not thank them enough for their hard work.


The team consisted of the wonderful Ben Ali,  Kerry Hull,  Ben Mercer,  Carla Glover,  Katie Parylo,  Chris Brett,  Danny Mylchreest.  


If your passing the Orange Phone shop in town please pop in to congratulate and to thank them.


Their money will help us to make a difference to others who have suffered from stillborn Angels and premature babies.


Pictured below is store manager and all round good guy Ben Ali handing the cheque over to Isabella's Dad Geoff.


Our brand new Tee Shirts have finally arrived!


Our Team will be wearing them at various events starting with the Bupa Manchester 10K on the 20th May 2012.


The Tee Shirts are for sale at £20.00 each to anyone who wants to help raise funds for our charity.


However should anyone be taking part in an event on the behalf of our Foundation and raise over £50.00 then they will be presented with a T Shirt as a thankyou.


Anyone who wishes to purchase one can contact me at :


or they be able to buy them on our eBay page isabellarosefondation001 which will be up and running in the next few days.


We have been very lucky to receive some fantastic donations in the last few weeks and we just wanted to say thank you to:


A very special mention the following people organised their own fundraising:


Sheila Cairnes for arranging a raffle at her workplace Whiston Hospital to raise funds for the charity a really lovely surprise and really appreciated xx


Laura Hesketh who ran the Steve Prescott 10k for sponsorship in memory of Isabella. A fantastic effort and really appreciated xx


and to the following people for their recent donations


Mrs K Rushton, Banny, Anna the hairdresser, J Westlake.


Tri Print (St Helens) for the very generous donation but also for their help with the design for our stationary.


The First Annual Isabella Fundraising Ball

The First Isabella Rose Fundraising ball has been booked for Saturday 29th September 2012. This event which we intend to be an annual event will be held at St Helens RLFC stadium.


Further details will be confirmed in the next few months and we will keep you informed of tickets and prices etc.


The event will hold 200 people and from the initial interest we expect tickets to be in demand.


We will keep you posted. 

Introducing PEANUT!

Everyone please say hello to our mascot PEANUT!


PEANUT will be taking part in the Manchester Bupa 10K on the 20th May 2012.


So please join us in wishing her luck and if you can please sponsor her.


Your donations help us make a difference to other families who experience the tragedy of a stillborn child.


If you see PEANUT during the run give her a cheer she will need all the support she can get.


Steve Prescott 10K - St Helens 11.03.12

Team Isabella today took part in our first official event the Steve Prescott 10K. We were joined by friends and staff of the Orange Phone Shop in St Helens who very kindly decided that they wanted to help raise funds for the Foundation. 


The 10k event which is in its 2nd year had over 1200 competitors who were mad enough to take on the challenge of North Road, which looks steep and believe me it IS!


It was a brilliant day extremely well organised and the race finished with a lap of the Saints pitch, which having done many runs in the past is the best finish to a race I have ever experienced. The cheer of the crowd as we all ran round the pitch to the finish is something none of us will ever forget.


We have so far raised over £600 with donations still coming in, which is absolutely unbelievable for our first event. The final total will not be known for a few days but we will keep you posted.


The winning team member was proud Dad Geoff will an excellent time of 45mins, well done Geoff you did your little girl proud today but lets face it you do every day!


The Foundation would like to thank every member of Team Isabella, the Team from Orange Phone shop and every friend and family member who came down to cheer us on. You were all brilliant today and when I sit back and think of your support it makes me extremely proud and a little emotional!


Thank you all